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Best Indian Restaurant in Denver, CO

Best Indian Restaurant in Denver, CO

People from different parts of the world have made Denver their home. All these different people bring their different cultures with them, which provides a platform for cultural exchange. One part of the culture that people bring with them is their ethnic food. The ethnic variety of Denver led to the opening of many ethnic restaurants, giving people a taste of different foods from different cultures of the world. From Japanese food to African food, Denver offers foods from almost all parts of the world. The people of those communities prepare exquisite preparations of the most authentic delicacies for the general populace of Denver.

When it comes to Indian food, there is no better place than Little India

The restaurant, opened in 1998, has enjoyed great success, greatly owing to the continued efforts to bring authentic and traditional Indian cuisines to the people of Denver.


Little India Restaurant & Bar has a menu that is full of mouth-watering Indian food recipes like
vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. Bread like naans and tandoori roti are cooked in the authenticway, helping people savour the taste in its right form. All dishes are prepared in the same way,preserving the flavour perfectly. Little India Restaurant & Bar serves gluten-free food and also has vegan items in its menu. The fact that the buffet service of Little Indian Restaurant & Bar has been voted as the Best Buffet service for 16 consecutive years tells you everything about their buffet service.

Takeout and catering services

Takeout and catering services are offered by Little Indian Restaurant & Bar as well. The popularity of the restaurant means that it runs at full occupancy almost every day, so it is advisable that you book tables in advance by making a reservation. Their website offers the feature of making online reservations. Free home delivery within a five-mile radius is offered as well. This enables people to get a taste of delicious Indian food while they are sitting at their home. For those who live outside the delivery area, there is the provision of Little India Restaurant & Bar’s food trucks making a trip. It brings the delicious Indian food that is served in the restaurant to different parts of the city.

Quality Food

The quality of their food, together with the ambiance and service they offer has made Little Indian
Restaurant & Bar the best Indian restaurant in Denver. It has been voted as the Best Indian Restaurant in Denver for 16 years on the trot.

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