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Featured Dish of the Season: Lamb Chops

Are you looking for a new restaurant to try, or just in the mood for delicious Indian food? Come to Little India of Denver and try our featured dish of the season: lamb chops.

Our lamb chops are a house favorite, and there’s a good reason for that. We start by marinating the meat, brown it traditionally, and serve it with masala sauce and salad. If you want to taste the best Indian food in Denver, this is the dish you have to try.

Lamb in Indian Food

Whether you are new to Indian dining or you’ve spent a lot of time trying one Indian restaurant after another, you may have noticed that lamb is frequently found in Indian cuisine. Have you ever wondered why?

Genuinely authentic dishes of India wouldn’t have lamb in them, but goat instead. Goat is a commonly eaten meat in India but is not readily available in America, so Indian cuisine had to find a substitute. Beef wasn’t an option, since cows are sacred in Indian culture, and cannot be eaten. Therefore the obvious choice, the one most like what would be eaten traditionally, was lamb.

However, lamb is much more tender than goat. This is worth mentioning because Indian cuisine calls for a lot of marinades, which were used not only for flavor but also to tenderize the meat. The meat is then cooked over an extended period and with a lot of care, making it nicely browned. Even though lamb is not as tough as goat, the dishes are still prepared this way to make them as authentic tasting as possible.

About Little India

With locations on East 6th Avenue in Denver and near the Denver University neighborhood, Little India is Denver’s favorite Indian restaurant. Every year for the past 18 years, Westword readers have voted Little India “Best Indian Restaurant and Best Lunch Buffet,” and other local publications have awarded similar honors. There’s a good reason why! Whether you’re new to Indian cuisine or a connoisseur, Little India’s selection of the most authentic and healthiest Indian dishes is sure to please.

Whether you’re ready to try Indian cuisine for the first time, or eager to try it like you’ve never had it before, visit one of Little India’s locations today. Try our lamb chops, or if you prefer, another favorite Indian dish. Whatever you have, you’re guaranteed the 5-star Indian dining experience that our restaurants have become famous for. Just remember that Little India is not Little its Great!

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