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Exciting New Years Resolutions for Foodies

With the arrival of 2018, many people have put together their list of New Year’s resolutions. Some may resolve to develop healthier habits, spend more time traveling, or keep in touch with friends and family. But if you are a foodie, your resolutions might look a little different. For anyone that loves food, a new year brings with it new opportunities to enjoy delicious dishes, and the city of Denver offers plenty of fun ways to experience food. Here are five resolutions that you might find on the list of any Denver foodie in the know:

  1. Give vegetarian cuisine a chance to make an impression by going exclusively veggie for a full week. Gone are the days when vegetarian food was limited to bland tofu and tasteless lettuce; in recent years, incredible chefs have taken meat-free dishes to exciting new heights of flavor. Some of the best restaurants in Denver have vegetarian options that can expand your palate  serving incredible vegetarian dumplings and an entire list of other veggie options.
  2. Try a new restaurant every week. As you develop a short list of dining favorites, it can sometimes be challenging to venture to unknown restaurants. However, that is often the best way to discover new gems in the city. Take one night a week to try out a restaurant that you have never been to before, whether it is a recommendation from a friend or something you heard about on social media.
  3. Recreate a restaurant favorite in your own home. As fun as it is to dine out, it can sometimes get expensive – so learning how to make a few of your favorites at home is an excellent way to save money. Pick a few simple dishes from your favorite restaurants, and experiment with making your version to enjoy at home.
  4. Try something on the menu that you would skip right over. If you always get a salad, go for a burger; if you tend to stick to soups, try a sandwich. You might be surprised to discover that your tastes aren’t as limited as you imagine, and discovering a new favorite food can open up a realm of menu possibilities.
  5. Travel the world without ever leaving Denver. Whether you are looking to enjoy Chinese, Mexican, or Indian, restaurants in Denver can take your taste buds around the globe. If you’re looking for a sure-fire international hit, Little India has a top-rated menu that Denver foodies can’t get enough of. With two locations, it’s an excellent place to start your food journey.

Make a few fun foodie resolutions this year, and make 2018 your most delicious year yet!

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