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Seven of the Most Popular Indian Appetizers in Denver

Little India of Denver is proud to serve the best Indian food in Denver. Of course, our guests like to start their meal off with some of the finest appetizers in Denver before they dig into their main courses, and the following are seven of the most popular delights served as appetizers at Little India of Denver.

Chicken Pakora

Perfect for those who like just a little bit of heat, chicken pakora is made from mildly spiced boneless chicken breasts that are dipped in batter and fried to absolute deliciousness. This mouthwatering delicacy is one of the best Indian dishes to try on our menu and it is among the most frequently ordered.

Pakora Masala

This vegetarian treat features crisp spinach, fresh onions and potatoes. We dip the treat in batter before it is fried and topped with a spicy masala sauce that is made with fresh cayenne and red chili pepper.

Coconut Shrimp

Sometimes, bigger really is better, and our jumbo shrimp are some of the biggest of the bunch. We dip our shrimp in a thick coconut batter, fry them up and serve them with a garlic and onion korma sauce.

Tandoori Wings

Looking for some of the spiciest hot wings in Denver? Our tandoori wings are one of the best Indian dishes to order if you want to feel the heat. We give our wings a deep marinade before cooking them to perfection in our clay oven.

Calamari Pakora

The sea is full of bountiful riches, and some of the sweetest treats found beneath the waves are the succulent calamari (squid). We batter our calamari in a secret family recipe of chickpea batter and fry them up to tender perfection.

Momo Onion Bhaji

Everyone loves dumplings, and our momo dumplings are no exception. Available in chicken or vegetarian varieties, we boil our dumplings and serve each with hearty onion chutney.

Punjabi Samosa

Everyone loves pastry, and the punjabi samosa is the perfect pastry to start the meal off with. Crisp and filled with mashed potatoes and sweet peas, the pastry is deep-fried and provides the perfect start to any meal.

These dishes of India and many more await you when you stop by the award-winning Little India of Denver. Our five-star ratings are the result of years perfecting our recipes and service. We invite you to drop in for lunch, dinner or to schedule takeout.

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