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3 Best North Indian Dishes You Need to Try

Whether you’re new to Indian dining or have had Indian food before, there are certain things you won’t want to miss. North Indian cuisine is particularly well known and offers many dishes that have become favorites among both connoisseurs and newcomers to the cuisine. Luckily, if you’re looking for a great intro into Indian food, Denver can hook you up! Here are a few of the best North Indian dishes we serve at our Indian restaurant in Denver.

Butter Chicken

One of the most popular and easiest introductions into the dishes of India is butter chicken. This delicious dish starts with tandoori chicken, which is marinated in yogurt and spices and then cooked in a tandoor, a traditional clay oven. The chicken is served in a decadent, buttery sauce. While the sauce is a curry, the spices are relatively mild, and the butter makes it very rich and flavorful, making it an easy introduction to Indian food, as well as a favorite among more experienced diners.


Biryani is technically just spiced rice, basically the Indian version of fried rice, and can come with any meat or just vegetables if you prefer, making it easily one of the healthiest Indian dishes. The spices in Biryani and the rice used to make the dish are aromatic and flavorful, setting it apart from any rice dish you’ve ever had before. Try our Biryani with chicken, lamb, shrimp, vegetables, or a combination if you can’t make up your mind.

Anything Masala

You’ve likely heard of Masala dishes, one of the best-known terms in Indian cuisine. Masala just describes a blend of spices. In a masala dish, those spices are combined with a tomato-based sauce, somewhat like a curry but a little thicker. We serve our masalas with your choice of tandoori-cooked chicken, lamb, shrimp, or fish. We also serve a variety of side dishes such as Paneer Butter Masala, which is Indian cheese in a buttery masala sauce, Bhindi (okra) Masala, Channa (chickpeas) Masala, and Gobi (vegetable) Masala.

The Best Indian Food in Denver

Now that you know what to order, the question is, where to go? This choice is an easy one in Denver, where Little India has reigned as the best Indian food in Denver for many years running. Newcomers to the cuisine and connoisseurs alike will love the selection and service at Little India of Denver. Visit one of our Denver locations on either South Downing or East Sixth, and find out why Denver loves Little India!


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