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Reservationsfor Special

Occasions or Small Parties

A quiet table for two could go to the longtime couple marking a milestone in their relationship or to the blind daters who aren’t interested in the typical first-date fare but are very interested in seeing how their date handles a truly hot curry. Reservations can be arranged for small parties of fewer than eight people through the website.


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Reservation near Denver

There are a number of reasons for people to visit Little India for a special evening. They might be a regular and just dying for a good Punjabi samosa. They might be new in town and trying to find the best Indian restaurant in Denver. Perhaps they’re vegan needing a regular go-to place for their appetites. Or, most surprising of all, they might never have had Indian food at all and couldn’t tell the difference between a bhaji and a vindaloo, but they want to find out.

Whatever the occasion, however many people are coming along, set up an Indian restaurant reservation that will make for an evening of fun, food and family like you’ve not had in a long time


Reservationsfor Larger Parties

Indian Restaurant

A larger table can accommodate the family and friends of a recent graduate or celebrate the start of a new business venture among close friends. And for large parties, making a reservation ensures that all of the guests are seated and given the right amount of attention for a wonderful evening.

Guests planning to make reservations should feel free to pick whichever location is most convenient to them and their guests. For parties with more than 12 people, it is more convenient to call the desired location or come down in person and make the arrangements directly with our Indian restaurant staff.

However you do it, Little India wants to make sure that all their Indian food reservations are handled with style and care.