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About Us

The Original Little India!

The Little India Restaurant & Bar was established in 1998 and since that time has been voted ‘Best Indian Restaurant’ and ‘Best Lunch Buffet’ for 16 consecutive years! This unparalleled success led to the opening of an additional restaurant and the birth of a Denver legend.

The Baidwan family has been in Colorado for more than 20 years, and in 1998 decided to open Little India because of their love of cooking. Since then, they have been serving Denver the most authentic fine Indian cuisine and have quickly become an area favorite. The Chefs began their careers in Northern India and use only the freshest meats and ingredients. A friendly, charming staff rounds out the dining experience at Little India-an experience that combines exotic and simple tastes for an unforgettable effect. The sense of authenticity is undeniably evident in Little India’s atmosphere, where Indian art and music accent the casual dining rooms. There’s a reason Little India has been named “Best Indian Restaurant” and “Best Lunch Buffet” by local critics and Denver patrons for the past sixteen years.

We have succeeded remarkably in bringing the true flavors of India to the masses of Denver, while still remaining true to the family recipes handed down generations. Our spices are imported exclusively from India and slow roasted in house to make all our spice blends and marinades. We don’t just bake our breads- our naans are prepared in a custom-made Indian tandoor or clay oven. These tandoors lend an authentic flavor, that is difficult if not impossible to reproduce in conventional ovens.

Others can only make claims but we have actually brought a little piece of India to the heart of Denver! So, join us soon for an experience that mingles exotic and simple tastes to unforgettable effects.


  • Voted Best Indian Restaurant & Best Lunch Buffet – by Westword Readers for the past 16 years straight!
  • 5280 Magazine Top of The Town Award – Every year since 2002!
  • Insite Denver – Best Indian & Best Lunch Buffet
  • Rocky Mountain News – Top Lunch Buffet – 2004, 2005, & 2006
  • City Search – Best Indian Restaurant – 2004
  • Top of the Rocky – Best Indian Food –2005 & 2006
  • Denver Post Dining Guide – Best Indian Food – 2004, 2005, & 2006
  • Denver’s Channel 7 A-List – Best Indian 2013 (Top 5), 2012, 2011, 2010 (Top 5), 2009, 2008, 2007 (Top 5)
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Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 37 reviews.


Authentic Indian Restaurant Near Downtown Denver

The restaurant is operated by the Baidwan family. The Baidwan family have been living in Colorado for more than 20 years now, and their love and passion for cooking led them to open the Little India Bar & Restaurant in 1998. It has enjoyed stellar success throughout its existence in both 6th Avenue and Downing Street. The success is greatly due to the restaurant employing highly skilled chefs that began their careers in North India and cook authentic and finger-licking delicious Indian food. The herbs and spices are imported directly from India and the bread is made in the authentic style using a Tandoor oven. Everything, from the interior and ambiance of the place to the music played and hospitality and friendliness of the staff takes one on a journey through India. Where other restaurants bring a part of India with them, Little India Restaurant & Bar brings the entire nation to you.

Located on 2390 S Downing and 330 E 6th Avenue in Denver, Little India Restaurant & Bar has something for everyone. The menu is full of exotic as well as traditional Indian dishes that are cooked to perfection. You can have the samosas or pappadams as appetizers, one of the various kebabs as sides, a delicious curry, vegetable preparation or daal as an entrée with your choice of bread in Indian naans or rice, and go for mouth-watering and overly satisfying desserts like kheer or gulab jamun. The restaurant being gluten free means that Vegan dishes like chana masala, vegetable curry, and mushroom mattar are also available and cooked with the same perfection as any other dish on the menu. The bar is stocked with the finest of spirits in white and red wines, apart from serving Indian beer.


Discovering the True Taste of India

India is a vast and diverse land where rich soils, distinctive cultures and unique climates combine to create the most diversified culinary creations in the world. Indian dishes are built upon a complex blend of herbs and spices used to season everything from fruits and vegetables to meats and fish. The roots and flavors of each dish are firmly planted in Indian culture and history. Indeed, the recipes for many popular foods have been passed down through families for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Like other cuisines, Indian dishes are a reflection of our history. Many dishes came about as the result of foreign influences. Potatoes, chilies and many other ingredients became part of modern Indian cuisine during the colonial periods and through both trade and domestic cultivation that continues to this day.

Mouthwatering Menu Selection

TakeOutClients love our Chicken Tikka Masala. These marinated boneless chicken breast cubes served over an onion bed on a sizzling plate are guaranteed to satiate the heartiest of appetites. Another popular favorite is our vegetarian Saag Paneer, which is made from fresh spinach cooked with homemade cheese and served in a thick and rich cream sauce.

There is, of course, much more inside Little India’s menu, including Tandoori wings, chicken and lamb kabobs, and a wide variety of Indian curries that melt in your mouth. We also offer chicken, shrimp, lamb, and fish vindaloos that are so hot we make sure those who order them are seated near a fire extinguisher!

Dine In or Take Out

DineinTakeOutWhile many of our regular clients prefer to dine within our Indian restaurants in Denver, Colorado, not everyone has the time to sit back and enjoy a relaxing meal and the hospitality of our staff on Sixth Avenue or South Downing. That’s not a problem because our chefs make it easy for our clients to order their food and pick it up when they are ready to enjoy it.

Our online ordering system allows clients to schedule their order so that it is ready and waiting for them when they walk in the door. Our guests can sit down and enjoy their meal right away, pick it up and take it home or back to the office, or have it delivered for free anywhere within a five-mile radius.

Little India Trucks toward the Future

TrucksThe rumors are true, and when our clients asked, we responded. We do, in fact, have a food truck that you may spot cruising up and down the city streets. We update the route on our Facebook page and we would be delighted to take requests as to where you would like to see us park next.

If you’re ever wondering, “Is there good Indian food near me?” the answer is that we’re never more than a short drive away!

  • My partner and I are devout Little India fans! Even after moving away from Denver to Minneapolis, we
    Caroline Paredes
    Caroline Paredes
  • This place rocks! Their curry Chef Manpreet Singh can create, out of this world curry dishes. Incred
    Manpreet khattra
    Manpreet khattra
  • Tried today for the first time and scooped up some to-go Chicken Korma from Little India on 6th and
    Beth M
    Beth M
  • Great food! Has been my go-to during quarantine.…
    b Maso
    b Maso
  • Little India is our go-to Indian place. Everything I have had from them has been good. Delivery takes a while because it is so popular so make sure to order about an hour before you actually want to eat. And even better, we almost always have left overs so we can do lunch the next day as well!
    Elizabeth Lewis
    Elizabeth Lewis
  • I ordered take out from this business and initially received the wrong order. They went the extra mile to correct the mistake. They delivered the correct order, free of charge, to my home when I called them to let them know the order was wrong. Excellent food, and a demonstrated commitment to customer service.
    Joseph Romani
    Joseph Romani
  • I really enjoy their lamb curry and lamb korma! Each dish came with a free drink and that was a fun surprise while ordering online. Pick up was super easy too. Everything was wrapped up very well. They only allow 5 people inside at a time too. Will totally be coming back!
    Mia Cheung
    Mia Cheung
  • I like it here, excellent food & service. Looking forward to returning with my friends. Bring your hunger - portions are filling. Food is similar to a place in San Francisco I loved.
    Hope Suarez
    Hope Suarez