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Best Indian Buffet in Denver

Denver is home to people from all over the world. The city has become quite the centre of cultural
exchange as people who migrate to the city bring their cultures along with them. As food is an integral part of any culture, many ethnic restaurants have now opened in Denver, giving people a taste of different foods from different cultures of the world. Today, one can taste foods as exotic as Greek, Japanese, food in Denver.

Little India

There are many Indian restaurants in Denver, but Indian food in Denver is best served at Little India Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant opened in 1998 and has built quite a reputation with the locals.


Little India Restaurant & Bar’s menu is full of enticing Indian dishes like vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. All dishes are prepared in the authentic way, preserving the flavour and taste perfectly as the chefs are highly skilled, with all the herbs imported from India itself. Little India Restaurant & Bar serves gluten-free food and also has vegan items in its menu. The buffet service of Little Indian Restaurant & Bar has been voted as the Best Buffet service for the last 16 years, which is a statement in itself about its brilliance. From delicious appetizers like Tandoori wings to delicious curries like lamb and fish curry and mouth-watering biryanis like shrimp biryani, the buffet offers a perfect meal to people. All the popular items of Little India Restaurant & Bar are served in their buffet.

Free Delivery

The restaurant also offers take-away and catering services. Free home delivery within a five-mile radius is also available, bringing the delicious food right to the doorsteps of people. For those living outside the delivery area, Little India Restaurant & Bar’s food trucks make trips to different localities of Denver. It takes the delicious Indian food that is served in the restaurant to different parts of the city. All of these make the restaurant the most popular Indian restaurant in Denver, meaning that it invariably runs at full occupancy anytime you visit it. Therefore, it is advisable to make online reservations prior to your visit to the restaurant. This can be done on the website itself.

Best Buffet

Little India Restaurant & Bar has been voted the best Indian restaurant and the best Indian Buffet in Denver for the last 16 years now. The people never tire of the delicious food the place offers, and the wide variety of food served in the buffet attracts loads of gourmets every day.