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Best Vegan & Vegetarian Indian Food in Denver

When it comes to those following a vegan or primarily vegetarian diet, those in the know will be the first to mention that authentic Indian food is the best way to not only follow those diets, but get tasty meals in the bargain.

When it comes to serving the best vegan Indian food in Denver, Little India is certain we’ve got it in hand!

It’s not just a few dishes that are made up vegan. There’s plenty of variety on the menu, from classics like the vegetable curry and chana masala to dishes like the mushroom mutter and baingan bharta.

Naturally, there are a lot of vegetarian dishes that also happen to be vegan, but it’s always worth looking over the menu and checking with the server. Make sure table companions don’t snag a bite when they think the coast is clear.

The options to obtain and enjoy the menu from Little India are many, which cannot always be guaranteed with other vegan restaurants in Denver. The first obvious method is to visit one of the two locations Little India maintains, one being on Sixth Avenue, the other located on Downing Street.

Indian Veg Takeout & Catering

The menu is fully available at all times, as well as a buffet service that has been consistently ranked as the best in Denver for a number of years. The next method for getting this excellent vegetarian food in Denver is to call the nearest location and put in an order for delivery.

If by some chance a customer is outside the delivery area, a third option is available in the form of a food truck, which will be present at various locations around the Denver Metro area.

Little India has been serving vegan and vegetarian food in Denver for almost 20 years and they’re proud to have all manner of guests, whether vegetarian or not, come in and enjoy the many fine dishes on the menu.

We invite diners to come in, call for reservations or place orders through the web site, and they look forward to demonstrating just why they are considered the best in Denver.

The city houses people from all parts of the world. When people migrate from countries, they take their culture with them, and the food is a huge part of any culture. The vast ethnic variety of Denver resulted in the opening of many ethnic restaurants, giving people a taste of different foods from different cultures of the world. The city now offers all types of food, be it Mexican, Japanese food that you are looking for. People belonging to the different communities of Denver prepare authentic dishes of their culture and present them to others.

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