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Four Indian Dipping Sauces That You Will Fall in Love With

One of the things that make a meal at Little India of Denver absolutely unforgettable is the wide variety of the best Indian dipping sauces this side of Delhi. When you sit down to try the best Indian food in Denver, be sure you have these four absolutely incredible sauces to dip your favorite treats into.

Masala Sauce

Masala is a rich and buttery sauce that is packed with flavor and a little bit of heat that is guaranteed to cleanse the palate. It is made from a blend of garam masala, a touch of unsalted butter, a bit of heavy cream, a pinch of cayenne, a dash of garlic and salt and finished with a dollop of honey to balance the spices with a touch of sweetness.

Ginger Mint Sauce

Ginger makes some of the best Indian sauces for dipping, and this is one of the most popular of all the Indian dips and sauces. It is made from a touch of jalapeno, a little bit of clove, a touch of cilantro and a little bit of sugar. These ingredients combine with a smidgen of cilantro and a heaping dose of ginger to create Indian dipping sauces worth writing home about.

Coconut Curry

What happens when you combine coconut and curry? You end up with signature Indian sauces for dipping! Our coconut curry features a touch of onion and clove, a dash of coconut oil, a smattering of tomato and red curry paste and a sweet pour of coconut milk. We add in a little brown sugar, toss in some fresh cilantro and give it a little extra kick with some mustard seed and special spices. The result pairs perfectly with shrimp, chicken, lamb, or beef.


Yogurt is the foundation of this dipping sauce that pairs well with some of the best Indian food in Denver. It is ideal for taming the flames of some of the spiciest dishes on the Little India of Denver menu. We make a number of different raitas for you to try that include cucumber and mint, cumin, apple and carrot. This makes it easy to find a raita that matches your palate and meal.

We invite you to stop by Little India of Denver to try these fantastic dipping sauces. Our servers will be delighted to help you select the best Indian sauces for dipping your menu selections into.

Whether you are stopping by for lunch or dinner or picking something up for takeout, we guarantee that we will always offer the best Indian dishes to try in the Denver metro area.

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