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Indian Food Menu near Denver

Like all metropolitan cities, Denver is filled with restaurants and eating places that offer foods from all over the world. Be it Japanese, Lebanese, or even African food, you are sure to find it in Denver. Although all these ethnic foods are equally enticing and sought after, they fall short of Indian food in popularity and availability. Since Denver has its fair share of Indians living in it and Indian food is now popular all over the world, there are many Indian restaurants in most big cities of the world. Since Denver falls in that bracket as well, it has its fair share of Indian restaurants.

However, serving Indian food and serving authentic and traditional Indian food are two entirely different things. This is what sets Little India Restaurant & Bar apart from the rest of the Indian restaurants in Denver.


IndianGluten-Free Options

Little India Restaurant & Bar

serves gluten-free food and also has vegan items in its menu. Takeout and catering services are also offered. Little Indian Restaurant & Bar also offers free home delivery within a five-mile radius. For those living outside the delivery area, there is the provision of Little India Restaurant & Bar’s food trucks making a trip to your locality.


Indian Vegan Dishes

Little Indian Restaurant & Bar also offers many vegan dishes like mushroom mattar, vegetable curry, baingan bharta and chana masala. The way they are prepared in Little India Restaurant & Bar makes even those who criticize vegan eaters to take a serving from their plates. Such is the effect of the overpowering aroma and delicious taste of the cuisines prepared by the chefs. All the items in the menu are served in buffets as well. The buffet service of Little India Restaurant & Bar is another feather in their hat as it has been voted as the Best Lunch Buffet for 16 years running.

Restaurant & Bar

Speaking of Indian food, there is no better place to have Indian food than Little India Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant opened its doors to Denver citizens in 1998 and has enjoyed great success, greatly owing to the continued efforts to bring authentic and traditional Indian cuisines to the people of Denver. The quality of our food, the ambiance of the restaurant and the service offered are truly commendable. All of them make Little India the best Indian restaurant in Denver, and the fact that it has been voted the best consecutively for the last 16 years says everything about its credentials.