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Five of the Most Popular Indian Dishes in Denver

There are a number of delicious Indian dishes to order, definitely more than any person could reasonably eat in one sitting. Finding out what your favorite dishes are takes some time and some experimentation, but that’s half the fun! These popular dishes of India will give you some suggestions to try, if you haven’t already tried them before.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Probably one of the most common Indian dishes to try and often a fast favorite for those new to Indian cuisine, chicken tikka is deceptively simple but bursting with flavor. It’s the perfect dish for those who have little to no experience with Indian food, or for those who enjoy something basic but not bland.

Tandoori Fish

When thinking of tandoor-style dishes, fish is not always the first thing that comes to mind. Yet tandoori fish is certainly a different type of meal, one not often represented in Indian cuisine. What the cooking process does for other meats works just as well for fish, imparting flavor and spice in equal measure.

Tandoori Chicken

The only dish that’s probably more popular than this one would be chicken tikka, but even then it’s a close call. Tandoori chicken’s juicy consistency and mouthwatering spices make it a classic that never really goes out of style and always manages to make new fans with each serving.

Ginger Chicken Kabob

How can you make tandoori chicken even better? Change up the marinade, giving it an extra kick with a ginger mint sauce, and suddenly you have a new favorite dish. This particular dish is one that you’re not likely to find anywhere outside of Little India, and we’re certain that it’s probably one of our tastiest creations to date.

Lamb Chops

You might not necessarily consider lamb chops to be a specifically Indian dish. But when we throw them into the tandoor oven with our usual marinade, they become the sort of lamb chops that you didn’t even know you wanted. We’re sure you’ll want another helping of these delicious chops, combined with a tangy masala sauce and a fresh side salad, the next time you visit.

Little India remains one of the best Indian food restaurants in Denver. We invite you to try out these and other dishes on our menu to help you discover your own favorites.

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